About Us


We use any web and normal advertisement, such us Facebook, Google, twitter, email marketing, website SEO, mobile app, blog, DM, AD Transportation and even provide market research services ... etc. we have the most creative, attractive, innovative team help your products show in public, consumer not only identify with advertisement but want to join your camp, once they agree with your philosophy, your brand will increase dramatically. The most value services is about that baylight helps clients to do research reports


Each digital marketing tool will generate data belonging to this platform. How to read the data, evaluate the marketing efficiency, and adjust the marketing content is the key to success. Every time a consumer clicks and browses, it will become data, such as a browse website, and which products and brands they stay in can help companies find the entry point for marketing products. Marketers can also track these footprints, observe where consumers are starting to pay attention to themselves, and understand what they really attract consumers; segment each consumer's different preferences and target advertising; Which part of the error occurred, causing consumers to interrupt consumption. Therefore, we focus on marketing data cues, accustomed to the frequency of data changes, in order to turn passive into active. Digging out business opportunities from the data, not only need to understand the industry knowledge and marketing art, but also understand the meaning of the data.